This is why you should blow-dry strawberries after buying them


Bought a few strawberries? Blow-dry them!

We adore strawberries – they’re in order that delicious! The lovely, candy fruit is at its nice in summer time season, however frequently to be had year-round, which we’re very grateful for! Unfortunately, the purple fruit is likewise very susceptible and meaning we occasionally must throw out 1/2 of of them. Washing them is particularly horrific for them: you wash them and an hour later the strawberries have devolved right into a comfortable, tender mess…

Luckily, we’ve located a on hand trick to help you shop your strawberries from a comfortable demise in best 30 seconds!


Before we move into this on hand trick, we need to speak a piece extra approximately the blessings of consuming strawberries. This summer time season fruit is stated that will help you shed pounds due to the fact they include a exceedingly low variety of calories. Not best that, however this fruit additionally incorporates a ton of anti-oxidants and vitamins. In fact, strawberries include extra diet C than oranges do! The best fruit that incorporates extra diet C is the kiwi. Strawberries additionally include lots of folic acids, which we additionally want to live wholesome. So, there are definitely lots of motives to devour extra of this delicious and wholesome purple fruit!


Fruit desires to be washed; that’s simply the hygienic aspect to do. Nobody likes taking a chew of a few fruit and locating sand, dust or, even worse, an insect or some other sort of critter of their mouth. Gross! Yet occasionally, the moisture that stays in the back of whilst you’ve washed your fruit reasons the fruit in query to end up tender or maybe horrific. Luckily, there’s an clean restore for this trouble and all you want is… a blow-dryer! Remove the leafy crowns from the strawberries after which rinse them properly. Next, location them on a few paper towels – those will already soak up lots of the moisture. Now the real trick comes in! Put your blow-dryer on the bottom putting and blow-dry the strawberries for 30 seconds. Put them returned withinside the refrigerator afterwards. You’ll word the fruit stays clean and attractive for a good deal longer!

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